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Real Estate Valuation

Engineers for real estate appraisals - quality pays off. A market value appraisal according to § 194 BauGB (Germany) and Red Book (RICS) protects you against wrong decisions and enables you to purchase your dream real estate safely. Turn on a real estate appraiser before buying a property. This can advise you on value, condition, defects and costs and guide you from the selection to the purchase decision competently and reliably and advise.

Types of buildings we evaluate for you

Residential properties

Commercial properties

Special Real Estates


- One- and two-family houses
- Double and terraced houses
- Condos
- Apartment buildings
- Apartment blocks
- Skyscrapers

- Logistics and warehouse space
- Trade and service areas
- Production areas & workshops
- Industrial plants
- Offices

- Schools
- Hotels
- Retirement homes and retirement homes
- Catering companies
- Shopping centers
- Leisure and sports facilities
- Holidays
- Outdoor areas
- Field and grassland
- Rural land
- Farms

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