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Here is the list of my published books.

Especulação Imobiliária: Causas, Índices e Contramedidas

Despite the current emphasis on the phenomenon of real estate speculation, there is still no theory that explains its behavior or determines its existence. In general, the literature on real estate speculation is rare and imprecise. In this way, this book seeks to fill this space, beginning with the definition of real estate speculation going through the theories of values ​​and real estate. For a better understanding of the phenomena of speculation, the real estate life cycle and the real estate market cycle are also characterized. Next, the known indices and new indices for the determination of a real estate and the real estate market were presented and explained. This allows one to determine the existence or not of speculation, or even if the market is in a phase close to speculation. The causes of real estate speculation and the ideal market cycle, described on the basis of real estate data and indices, were also explained, showing that many of the variables begin the process of falling already before the maximum point of the values. Finally, it is proposed to adopt measures against real estate speculation, in order to keep the growth of the real estate market sustainable.

Wohnimmobilienmodernisierung und -sanierung: Möglichkeiten der Optimierung

In recent years, real estate modernization and renovation has become increasingly important. Especially with regard to the energy turnaround, the energetic refurbishment becomes a necessity to reach the set goals. At the same time, the call for a brake on rent and utilities gets louder and louder. The increased costs in recent years, especially in good residential areas lead to significant price increases, which exclude parts of society, because the living space is simply too expensive. Therefore, the question arises of how to modernize and renovate the aging real estate portfolio on the one hand and at the same time do not overcharge the costs. However, in order to keep an eye on costs, an optimization of the measures is inevitable. There are various options for this, such as bundling, partnering and pooling concepts. A look at lifecycle costs and a proactive analysis and optimization of the measures also help to control costs.


Immobilienspekulation: Indizes, Ursachen und Gegenmaßnahmen

This book serves as an introductory text for interested readers, for understanding real estate speculation, how it works, and what opportunities it has for recognizing it. Traces of real estate speculation have already been reported in several countries, including the UK, Germany, the US and currently in some cities of Brazil. The housing market is of great importance to the economy of a city or a country, as a decline in property prices after speculation can destroy that market and sharply rub off on other markets and jobs, thereby reducing tax revenues. The recent events show how the international markets are linked, as the price erosion in one country can have a significant impact on prices in other countries. Property speculation (real estate bubbles) is still relatively hidden and unknown. There is still no precise explanation of the factors and their origins, as not all are perfectly perceptible or able to contribute to a good score. In this sense, this book aims to help explain how these factors behave.


Einführung in die Produktions- und Unternehmensstrategien

The definition of a company's production strategy is a topic that is increasingly on the agenda of production engineers and business administrators. The importance of this question is due to the fact that all management decisions about production are (or should be) directly related to the organization's competitive strategy. Thus, the production strategy would act as a part connecting e competitive strategy with the management of the production system. Although this link is often overlooked in business, there is already some consensus in science that the way operations are managed on a daily basis depends on the strategic direction of the production system. Due to the growing importance of the topic, the strategy of production has been consolidated as a compulsory subject in courses of industrial engineering and business administration. However, the topicality of the subject entails a shortage of books in this area. This factor, along with the need to provide an offer to the students in the form of a textbook that presents the topic of the lecture in a simple and uncomplicated way, motivated me to write this book. Although some articles have been developed in this field, I still feel the need to present my approach to scientific texts in a language and form that students can use. The result is this little book, written in a simple and direct way, that as a basic bibliography serves the discipline of production strategy, in the study courses of industrial engineering, and as complementary literature of the disciplines of business administration.


Kooperationsformen im Facility Management

Forms of cooperation that are particularly suitable for facility management create scope for future development and mitigate risks. Furthermore, they support a strategy model for the evaluation of alternative strategic strategies and thus for the selection of the "good" cooperation partners.


Die Optimierung von Modernisierungs- und Sanierungsmöglichkeiten bei Wohnimmobilien

In order to meet the increased maintenance and restoration needs of real estate and to conserve the financial resources that arise during the restoration and use, the optimization of modernization and rehabilitation measures, a necessary means dar. The modern business management concepts such as the bundling , Partnering and pooling concepts are solutions to reduce costs effectively. But central claims and insurance claims can also lead to cost reductions. These different approaches achieve their greatest impact in combination. Thus, potential savings of about 30% are quite realistic and have already been partially realized. In addition, it can lead to a significant reduction in construction time, which has a positive effect on the profitability of the property.

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